Inside Mesut Ozil’s £10 million London mansion: Turkish inspiration and German flair behind every door including 6 bedrooms and many unique interiors

Mesut Ozil, an Arsenal player, has a good life.

This astounding £10 million North London home belongs to a German playwright who turned down a 25% pay cut from his £350,000 weekly salary.

Mansion in London by Harrison Varma - Mesut Ozil's new house

Living in a £10 million six-bedroom house is Mesut Ozil.

The Arsenal player owns a fleet of £800k cars. 

Ozil lives in a posh neighborhood in North London.

He travels to and from the Gunners’ London Colney training center in a Mercedes, the majority of which cost £800,000.

Despite his wealth, he pays for the medical care of ill children and feeds 100,000 underprivileged people in 16 refugee camps in Turkey and Syria.

This gives an idea of his fortune.

Ozil, 34, paid £42.5 million to move from Real Madrid to Arsenal in 2013.

In 2016, he purchased this beautiful six-bedroom detached home in exclusive North London.

Ozil’s Turkish background has an impact on the design.

The property was designed by a friend who is an interior designer, but the marble in the main room was entirely imported from Turkey.

His “favorite room,” which is tastefully decorated, resembles an Istanbul bazaar.

Overlooking the living area is an Ottoman Sultan artwork in a bronze frame.

Ozil’s Turkish ancestry has a strong influence on his favorite room.

His company’s emblem is displayed throughout the house, including on the doors of the game room and home theater.

The marble in Ozil’s home was imported from Turkey

Ozil loves to hang out with his dog Balboa in the living room.

In 2016, Ozil bought the house.

Ozil has fun with his friends in the living room.

Ozil lives with his model wife Amine Gulse.

Inside Mesut Ozil's £10million London home he could look to sell after leaving Arsenal - Daily Star

Ozil frequently goes outside to his huge yard and does kick-ups there.

Ozil plays video games in his home theater. 

Ozil says, “In that room, we all just chill.”

In the house, though, the most amazing thing we’ve seen is the brand name on the doors of his home theater and game room.

He likes to watch movies, cuddle up with his wife Amine Gulse, and play a quick game of FIFA there.

In addition, Balboa, Ozil’s dog, often joins them. He has free access to the yard of the fancy house while his guardian works on his kick-ups.

In addition to being very dedicated to his job, Ozil also loves collecting sneakers and staying in style.

It takes up a whole room in the midfielder’s house to store all of his shoes and other accessories.

I quickly looked through his room and saw that he had about eight pairs of Adidas Yeezy shoes, which are worth a total of £1,400.

He also wears some pricey Louboutin high tops with gold stars that cost up to £865.

Ozil, the German star, looks good.


Ozil has a collection of trainers worth a lot of money.

The Gunners hero keeps his coaches in a separate room.