The moment Arsenal Legend Mesut Ozil enjoys an outing in Istanbul in a stylish and expensive Givenchy outfit

Former Arsenal midfielder Mesut Özil, the legendary German playmaker, was recently photographed strolling the vibrant streets of Istanbul, exuding an air of sophistication and style. The 34-year-old, who is currently enjoying his retirement from professional football, looked every bit the fashion icon as he donned a meticulously curated Givenchy ensemble.

Özil’s outfit was a masterclass in high-end sartorial elegance. He paired a sleek, black Givenchy button-down shirt with a set of tailored, charcoal-gray trousers from the same luxury brand. The subtle yet striking monochromatic palette of his attire was accentuated by the signature Givenchy logo, which was prominently displayed across the chest of the shirt.

To complete the look, Özil accessorized with a pair of black, leather loafers and a chunky, silver watch that undoubtedly carried a hefty price tag. The former Arsenal star’s effortless posture and confident stride exuded an aura of relaxed sophistication, a testament to his impeccable sense of style.

As Özil strolled through the vibrant streets of Istanbul, he turned heads and captured the attention of passersby, who no doubt recognized the former World Cup winner’s iconic status in the world of football. This stylish outing serves as a reminder that Özil’s influence extends far beyond the pitch, as he continues to make a lasting impression through his impeccable fashion choices.